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Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner
Gojo, White, Citrus, Gallon, 4 per case
Quick-acting, lotion hand cleaner with pumice scrubbers. Quick-acting lotion formula. Cleans without harsh solvents. Contains pumice scrubbing particles. Effective on dirt, oil and grease. *Natural citrus ingredient.
  • Quick-acting, lotion hand cleaner with pumice scrubbers.
  • Quick-acting lotion formula
  • Cleans without harsh solvents
  • Contains pumice scrubbing particles
  • Effective on dirt, oil and grease
Joe's Kleen Products
Joe's All Purpose Hand Cleaner
4 lb 5 oz, 6 per case
Joe's All-Purpose Hand Cleaner is a unique blend designed to clean the hands without harsh acids or alkalis. Joe's works equally well with or without the use of water. You'll be amazed at the way your hands look and feel after use: clean, conditioned, and without the greasy feeling associated with most hand cleaners. We think you'll find Joe's to be one of the very best overall hand cleaners available today.
Betco Corporation
XHD Extra Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner With Soy And Walnut Shell Scrubbersý
Triton, Light Beige, Fresh Scent, Ready to Use, 4 flat top gallons per case
Formulated with soy and walnut shell scrubbers for extra deep cleaning to quickly cut through the heaviest greases and oils, XHD Hand Cleaner also contains conditioners to prevent drying and cracking. When your skin needs a powerful cleanser, XHD Hand Cleaner will remove any grease and grime
  • Ideal for industrial use.
  • Heavy duty for removing heavy grease, carbon, tar and oil.
  • Contains all natural, refined walnut shell scrubbing particles.

Dispense product onto dry hands and work into knuckles and under fingernails. Add water, work into lather, then rinse hands with clean water.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Fragrance: Fresh Scent
  • Color: Light Beige
SC Johnson Professional
Kresto® Cherry Heavy Duty Hand Cleanser
Cherry, 1/2 Gallon bottle, 4 per case
Eucornol® enhances the skin compatibility of surfactants to minimize the risk of skin irritation
  • Pleasant cherry fragrance neutralizes heavy petroleum odor on hands and leaves hands smelling fresh and clean
  • Astopon® natural scrubbing agent gives a deep clean without damaging the skin or harming the environment. Scrubber is easily rinsed away, preventing blocked drains and pipes
  • With special solvent which is proven to be toxicologically safe for the skin and has excellent cleansing properties, even with super heavy contamination
  • Soap-free formulation, matched to the pH value of human skin preserves the skin's natural acidic protective mantle

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