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Highlighters and Pens w/ Flags

Highlighters and Pens w/ Flags

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3M Post-it Flags and Highlighter Pens
Assorted, Flag Highlighters,w/ 50 Flags,3/8" W,3/PK
Post-it Flag Highlighter makes it simple to highlight and flag items for fast, easy reference. Post-it Flags are combined with a highlighter so you always have flags at hand. Jot a note or highlight a passage, then flag for later reference. Twist rotating cover to reveal or protect flags. Loaded with 50 (3/8" wide) flags.
3M Post-it Flag Pen & Highlighter Set
Assorted, Flag Pen/Highlighters,w/ 50 Flags,3/PK
Post-it Flag Pen-Highlighter Set combines the convenience of flags and writing instruments to help you get organized. Highlight passages or jot down notes. Grab a flag when you need to mark an area. Set includes 50 3/8" wide flags inside each combined medium ballpoint pen/chisel tip highlighter.

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