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Retractable Utility Knives

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Consolidated Stamp MfgCo
Cosco General-purpose Retractable Utility Knife
Silver, Utility Knife, Plastic, Retractable Blade
Retractable utility knife provides an efficient way to open boxes, cut bands and more. Snap closure ensures your safety when you're finished making cuts. Durable design is perfect for general-purpose work.
Consolidated Stamp MfgCo
Cosco EasyCut Self-retracting Blade Carton Cutter
Blue/Black, Self-Retracting Knife, Adjustable Blade
EasyCut Carton Cutter features a safety-tipped blade that retracts automatically upon release of handle. Blade length is easily adjustable, and the blade can be locked in the retracted position for additional safety. Retractable edge guides help in cutting box tops. Handle stores additional blades in the blade storage compartment. Carton Cutter is made of plastic and includes three blades. Blades are made of stainless steel to combat corrosion.
Sparco PVC Anti-Slip Rubber Grip Utility Knife
Yellow, Heavy-Duty Utility Knife, PVC Grip, Plastic
Heavy-duty knife features stainless steel chamber, auto safety lock and anti-slip contoured PVC grip. Snap-off blade maintains a sharp edge.
Sparco Automatic Utility Knife
Black/Yellow, Automatic Utility Knife, w/4 Blades
Heavy-duty utility knife stores up to four blades for automatic replacement. A new blade automatically snaps into place when old blade is removed. Knife features an ABS plastic handle with soft PVC anti-slip grip, durable metal chamber and auto safety lock. Included four snap-off blades make it easy to maintain a sharp edge.
Sparco Tap Action Razor Knife
Stainless Steel, Razor Knives, 1 oz., 1"x3"
Tap Action Razor Knife uses retractable, reversible single-edge razor blades. Knife weighs 1 oz. Preset blade exposure prevents merchandise damage. Tap and blade appears. Tap again, and it disappears.
Sparco Tap Action Razor Knife
Stainless Steel, Razor Knives, 1 oz., 1"x3"
Tap Action Razor Knife uses retractable, reversible single-edge razor blades. Knife weighs 1 oz. Preset blade exposure prevents merchandise damage. Tap and blade appears. Tap again, and it disappears.
Sparco Fast-Point Snap-Off Blade Knife
Yellow, Fast Point Snap Off Blade Knife, 5-3/4"
Fast-Point Snap-Off Blade Knife offers a one-piece, plastic reinforced body with pocket clip and locking blade mechanism. Use for light-duty cutting jobs.
Sparco 3-position Retractable Blade Utility Knife
Stainless Steel, Retractable Utility Knife, w/ 3 Blades, 3 Positions, 6"
Retractable blade utility knife has three positions: full, half and one-quarter cut. Lightweight die-cast handle is in two sections, providing blade storage. Utility knife includes three heavy-duty, stainless steel blades. Knife is refillable with 7-1/16" blades.
Pacific Handy Cutter
Pacific Handy Box Cutter
Assorted, Handy Box Cutter, Tap Open/Tap Close, 12/BX
Lightweight, compact box cutter offers endless practical applications. Design features standard single-edge blades and a glossy painted finish. Box cutter is easy to use. Tap open. Tap close. Box cutter is made of aluminum.
Pacific Handy Cutter
Pacific All Metal Lightweight Cutter
Assorted, Handy Variety Cutter, All Metal
Lightweight, compact, All-Metal Cutter offers endless practical applications. Just tap to open and tap to close. Uses standard single-edge razor blades and provides for safe and easy blade change.
Officemate Single-Sided Razor Blade Carton Cutter
Silver, Carton Cutter, Single-Sided Razor, 4"x1/8"x7/8"
Cutter features a steel case with single-sided razor that reverses to become a scraper. Cutting style is straight.
Elmer's X-Acto SurGrip Utility Knife
Black, Utility Knife, Retractable, Contoured Metal Handle
Retractable knife features a heavy-duty, textured metal handle that is shaped to fit hand. Push-button slide adjusts the length of the exposed blade. Blades fully retract into handle for safety. With adjustable cutting depths, utility knife cuts packages, rope, canvas, plastic, carpet and wallpaper. Knife includes a heavy-duty utility blade.
Elmer's X-ACTO X3209 Retractable Blade Knife
Aluminum, Retractable Knife, Pocket Clip
Stylish retractable knife is a convenient addition to any desk or drawer. Similar in appearance to a high-quality pen, this knife features an X-Acto razor sharp cutting blade and superior craftsmanship. Carbon steel blade delivers a reliable cut every time. Knife is crafted with a sleek design that fits comfortably in the hand, allowing you to continue making the precision cuts needed to finish the job, no matter how long it takes. It is great for trimming coupons and other lightweight items. Designers and artists love the knife's ability to produce careful and meticulous cuts with consistency while engineers praise the knife's durable design and reliability.
Consolidated Stamp MfgCo
Cosco Snap Off Blade Retractable Utility Knife
Blue, Snap Blade Utility Knife, Retract
Utility knife provides an efficient way to open boxes, cut bands and more. Metal channel safely secures the snap off blade. Ergonomic grip ensures your safety during use. Retractable design offers a safe way to store the knife when not in use.
Consolidated Stamp MfgCo
Cosco Metal Construction Retractable Jiffi Cutter
Silver, Jiffi Cutter, Metal Construction
Compact durable Metal Design Utility Knife offers a fully retractable blade design for safety. Provides virtually unlimited trimming, cutting and scoring applications. Ambidextrous design allows use in either hand. Knife uses any standard single edge razor blade. Comes with one blade.
Bostitch Stanley Bostitch
Bostitch Stanley InstantChange Retractable Knife
Black/Chrome, Quick-Change Utility Knife, Curved, Retract
Durable, 6-1/2" InstantChange Retractable Knife delivers ultimate precision for a variety of tough cutting tasks. Cast metal housing survives tough environments while the integrated bi-material panels provide a reliable secure grip. Curved handle molds to hands for a comfortable, controlled grip during heavy-duty cutting applications. Padded thumb rest allows added precision during cutting. For convenience and speed, the knife is designed with swing-out blade storage for convenient blade access and a quick-change blade mechanism. Three-position retractable blade slide allows you to set a desired length of stainless steel blade exposure for safe cutting. For added versatility, the integrated string cutter safely cuts string with the blade fully retracted. Oversized lanyard hole offers an extra level of security when working off ladders or to easily store on pegboard. Knife uses heavy-duty utility blades.
Bostitch Stanley Bostitch
Bostitch Stanley Quick-Change Utility Knife
Black, Quick-Change Utility Knife, w/3 Blades, 6"
Quick-Change Retractable Utility Knife slides the blade into three positions for use. Blade changing is simplified with a tool-free, push-button design. Swing-out blade storage keeps fresh, sharp blades safely on knife. With blade fully retracted, the nose of the durable, all-metal knife acts as a string cutter. Knife includes three heavy-duty blades (11-921) for immediate use. Handle is 6" long.
Bostitch Stanley Bostitch
Bostitch Stanley Self-retracting Utility Knife
Orange, Self Retracting Knife, Round Point, 2-Cutting Depths
Spring-loaded utility knife retracts safely when pressure on button is removed. Patented, internal interlocking design secures blade in place for added safety. Knife uses round-point blades that reduce risk of accidents and damaged products. Red color offers easy visibility, Knife includes one round-point, utility knife blade (11-987).
Bostitch Stanley Bostitch
Bostitch Stanley 9mm Quick-Point Knife
Black/Yellow, Retractable Knife,w/Quick Point,Plastic Handle,5-1/8"
Retractable, Quick-Point snap-off blade knife is designed for light-duty cutting. 9mm blade sections snap off to provide 13 fresh, sharp cutting points. Removable blade snapper is included in the cap of knife for convenient use. Pocket clip provides portability. Knife uses 9mm Quick-Point Blades (11-300).
Bostitch Stanley Bostitch
Bostitch Classic 99 Utility Knife
Yellow, Retractable Utility Knife,Plastic Handle,6"
Retractable utility knife is great for everyday, light-duty use or carton opening. Bright yellow color allows easy visibility. Retractable blade and lightweight design allow easy storage. Knife uses and includes Heavy-duty Utility Blades (11-921).

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