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Colgate Palmolive Company
Colgate-Palmolive Total Clean Mint Toothpaste
Orange, Total Clean Mint Toothpaste, .75oz.
Toothpaste gently cleans your teeth to sustain a healthy mouth. Great minty taste leaves your mouth clean and fresh. ADA-accepted formula fights germs for up to 12 hours for lasting freshness. Advanced ingredients help prevent cavities, gingivitis, plaque and tartar. Toothpaste should be used to clean your teeth at least twice a day for a clean mouth around the clock.
Hospeco Necessities Courtesy Bags
White, Courtesy Disposal Bag, 8"x3"x2", 500/CT
Necessities Courtesy Bags make it easy to dispose of individual feminine hygiene products in public restrooms. Use slit on the bag to mount on restroom vending machines. Each bag is printed with a delicate design and "for your needs away from home" in English, Spanish and French to indicate use. White paper bags can be rolled closed and placed in stall disposal containers. Bags come folded flat to fit several in dispensers. A gusset allows slight expansion for sanitary products. Light coating on the paper bag resists any absorption.
Impact Products
Impact Naturelle Ultra Thin Maxi Pads
White, Maxi Pads Dispenser Refill, Ultra-Thin, 200/CT
Thin maxi pads are packaged to refill the Impact Dual Vendor Hygiene Dispenser. Each pad features twin-groove system designed for leak protection coverage. Secure center is body-shaped and extra-absorbent to reduce bunching and twisting. Cottonlike dry cover wicks fluid away for dryness and soft comfort. Each napkin is individually wrapped in a sanitary plastic wrapper for cleanliness.
Colgate Palmolive Company
Colgate-Palmolive Colgate Toothpaste Travel Size
White, Colgate Cavity Protection, .85oz., 240/CT
Cavity protection toothpaste cleans and strengthens your teeth with fluoride to protect them against cavities. Great regular flavor leaves your breath smelling fresh and enjoyable. Convenient travel-size tube can be kept virtually anywhere to stay with you anywhere you go. Cavity protection toothpaste is perfect for reducing the amount of dental plaque and bacteria in your mouth.
Hospeco MaxiThins Regular Maxi Pads
White, Sanitary Napkins, Maxithins, No. 4 Box, 250/CT
Maxi sanitary napkins come in No. 4 box for use in any vending machines that provide convenience away from home. The Maxithins name is one women know and trust. The eight-channel design provides better absorbency. Fluid is channeled to help keep the pad surface dry and away from the sides to avoid leakage. Pads are a standard size at 8" long unfolded and individually wrapped so they ready for vending.
Hospeco Vending Machine Tampax Tampons Bulk
White, Tampons, Individually Wrapped, 500/CT
Individually wrapped tampons come in a special vending tube to fit neatly in vending machines to offer women convenience away from home. Users will also feel comforted with the well-known brand name Tampax. Tampon sleeves are made of cardboard so they are flushable and safe for toilets. The string is sewn into the tampon so you won't have to worry about the hassle of separation. Bulk size makes sure you stay supplied.
Impact Products
Impact Naturelle Maxi Pad
White, Maxi Pads, Naturelle, Regular, Vendor Refills, 250/CT
Naturelle Maxi Pads feature a Twin Grooves system designed for leak protection and a cotton-like cover for dryness. Multichannel system draws the wetness to the center of the pad to prevent leaks. Each No. 4 maxi is individually wrapped in a sanitary plastic wrapper for cleanliness. High-quality pads are folded for easy dispensing in vending machines.
Impact Products
Impact Dual Vendor Hygiene Convenience Pack
White, Napkin/Tampon Refill Pack, f/Vendor Dispenser
Convenience Pack is designed for use in the Impact Dual Vendor Hygiene Dispenser. Pack includes 50 Naturelle Napkins and 50 Naturelle Tampons. Individually wrapped tampons feature a cardboard applicator and regular absorbency. Sanitary maxi pads feature a contoured shape, individual wrapper, and a multiple channel system to draw wetness to the center of the pad, preventing lateral leakages.
Impact Products
Impact Naturelle Tampons
White, Tampon Dispenser Refill, Cardboard Applicator
Naturelle tampons are packaged to refill the Impact Dual Vendor Hygiene Dispenser. Tampons are enclosed in a protective sleeve. Easy-to-use, four-ply cardboard applicator features a smooth tip and easy-to-grasp grip. Applicator is flushable. Posi-Lock Punch prevents accidental tube disassembly. Tampons offer a regular absorbency.
Impact Products
Impact Naturelle Plus Maxi Sanitary Napkins
White, Sanitary Napkin Dispenser Refill, w/Wings, 250/CT
Sanitary napkins are packaged to refill the Impact Dual Vendor Hygiene Dispenser. Naturelle Plus Maxi Pads offer a contoured shape, protective wings, an individual wrapper and multiple channel system to draw wetness to the center of the pad, preventing lateral leakages.

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