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Hazardous Liquid Cabinets

Hazardous Liquid Cabinets

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Just Rite
Just Rite 1-Door Flammable Liquids Cabinet
Yellow, Flammable Liquids Cabinet,Single Door,18"x23-1/4"x35"
Flammable Liquids Cabinet with single door is designed for storing smaller quantities of flammable liquids at a workstation or adding to existing storage capacities. Compact cabinet makes it possible to store flammables safely even when available space is at a minimum. Flammable Liquids Cabinet includes one adjustable shelf and holds a full 12 or 15 gallons of flammables.
Just Rite
Just Rite 2-Door Flammable Liquids Cabinet
Yellow, Flammable Liquids Cabinet,Double Door,43"x18"x44"
Flammable Liquids Cabinet with double doors protects workers, reduces fire risks, and improves productivity by storing hazardous liquids in code compliant safety cabinets. Designed to meet OSHA and NFPA standards, cabinet is made of sturdy 18 gauge double wall, welded steel with 1-1/2" of insulating air space for fire-resistance. High-performance, self-latching doors close easily and securely for maximum protection under fire conditions. Fail-safe closing mechanism ensures three-point latching system works the first time, every time.

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