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Adjustable Footrests

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Fellowes Standard Footrest
Granite (Or Graphite Gray), Standard Footrest, 2 Position, 17-5/8x13-1/8x3-3/4
Footrest offers a dual-position height adjustment. Free-floating platform stretches legs for increased circulation. Textured surface massages feet for extra comfort. Footrest blends in with any home or office decor.
Lorell Adjustable Height Footrest
Black, Footrest, Adjustable Height, Ergonomic
Footrest adjusts in height for three levels from 4" to 6-1/2". The ergonomic design supports your legs at the most comfortable height and tilt. Surface bumps massage feet and improve circulation. Simple foot action adjusts tilt smoothly and quietly.
Safco Adjustable-Height Footrest
Black, Height Adjustable Footrest, 20-1/2"x14-1/2"x21-1/2'
Create a more comfortable standing solution for your work space by pairing this Adjustable-Height Footrest with your standing-height workstation or table, Ergonomic design enhances comfort and relieves strain and muscle fatigue. Sturdy construction combines steel and aluminum for the frame and a durable nylon for the platform. The 20" wide x 12" deep platform adjusts in height from 3-1/2" to 16".
Safco RestEase Adjustable Footrest
Black, Footrest, Adjustable, 15-1/2"x13-3/4"x3-1/4-5"
Two-tone, sturdy footrest supports feet to help reduce leg and back pressure. Height adjusts from 3-1/4" to 5". Footrest features four angle adjustments from 6 to 25 degrees. Integrated anti-slip rubber mat on platform keeps your feet in desired position to maximize comfort. Footrest weighs 3 lb.
Safco Adjustable Footrests
Black, Adjustable Footrest, 18-1/2"x11-1/2"x8"
Adjustable footrest elevates feet while improving circulation. Footrest allows shoulders to relax backward. Easy glide design permits repositioning while in use. Tilt angle slides easily to any position that is comfortable. Footrest weighs 4 lb.
Safco Adjustable Footrests
Black/Silver, Adjustable Footrest, 18-1/2"x11-1/2"x5"
Adjustable footrest elevates feet while improving circulation. Footrest allows shoulders to relax backward. Easy glide design permits repositioning while in use. Tilt angle slides easily to any position that is comfortable. Footrest weighs 4 lb.
Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Rubbermaid Tilting Comfort Thread Footrest
Gray, Tilting Footrest, 17-3/4"x13"x3-1/2"
Tilting footrest provides support for lower limbs for the typist/keyboard operator and tilts 15-0-15 degrees. Therapeutic nodules massage soles of feet. Footrest is made from high-impact polystyrene.
Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Rubbermaid Height-Adjustable Tilting Footrest
Dark Gray, Tilting Footrest, Adjustable,18-3/8"x14-3/8"x6-5/8"
Tilting footrest provides relief with 15 degrees of range forward and backward and three height adjustments within a 2-1/2" range. Platform tilts with easy foot action. Footrest is made of scuff-resistant plastic.
3M Plastic Platform Adjustable Footrest
Charcoal (Or Charcoal Gray), Adjustable Footrest, Tilts, 18"x13"x4-4/34"
Adjustable footrest increases comfort by placing you in an ergonomically correct position to avoid back, neck and leg strain and fatigue, which can lead to pain and discomfort. Use your feet to control the tilt angle adjustment (from 20 degrees to negative 20 degrees) on the platform. Manually adjust the height adjustment to 4" or 4-3/4". Adjustable footrest also features a nonskid foot platform with soft bumps to massage and soothe your feet. Durable, heavy-duty steel base stays in place.
Lorell Ergonomic Rocking Footrest
Black, Footrest, Rocking, Ergonomic, 17-3/4"Wx13-7/8"Dx3"H
Rocking footrest features an ergonomic design that helps reduce muscle strain and fatigue to keep you working comfortably throughout your day. Sturdy, high-impact plastic offers reliable support to deliver long-lasting use. Curved leg undercarriage encourages a smooth rocking motion to help increase blood flow to your legs. Rubber padded feet grip to floors to prevent sliding and keep your footrest securely positioned exactly where you want it.
Lorell Large Platform Adjustable Footrest
Black, Adjustable Footrest, Easy Glide, 18"x14"x6"
Adjustable footrest elevates your feet for personal comfort and to improve circulation. Easy glide design adjusts easily, even when in use. Surface bumps help massage tired feet so you can relax by resting your feet on the large 18" x 14" platform. For durability, the top of the footrest is made of high-impact polystyrene while the base is made of steel.
Kantek Tilting Bar Footrest
Black, Footrest, Tilting Bar, 21-1/2"Wx13-1/2"Lx4"H
Tilting bar footrest features a rotating bar that adjusts to your movements to provide comfortable support through extended periods of sitting. Durable, all-metal bar with massaging grooves resists bending for lasting support. Nonslip rubber pads prevent sliding to keep your footrest securely in place. Compact size fits conveniently in smaller desks and cubicles.
Fellowes Climate-control Adjustable Footrest
Black, Footrest, Climate Control, 16-1/2"x10"x5-1/2"
Climate-control footrest works as a footrest or provides freestanding climate control. Footrest radiates safe, even heat on low or high setting. Design also includes a fan and auto-off feature for cooling. Surface has therapeutic massage bumps. Two height settings (5" or 6") and adjustable tilt (5, 14, 20 degrees) improve posture and relieve lower back pressure. Footrest requires 250 watts and automatically shuts off when not in use.
Kantek Premium Ergonomic Footrest w/Rollers
Black, Footrest w/ Rollers, Adjustable, 18"x13"x4"
Premium footrest features an ergonomic design to support your legs at the most comfortable height and tilt, while massaging your tired feet. Three-level, adjustable height adjusts from 4" to 6-1/2" high. Simple foot action adjusts tilt smoothly and quietly. Platform rollers and surface bumps massage feet and improve circulation.
Kantek Height Adjustable Footrest
Black, Professional Adjustable Footrest, Ergonomic Design
Height-adjustable footrest can be easily positioned to four different heights for customizable comfort. Foot-adjustable, easy-glide platform adjusts the tilt angle smoothly and quietly. Large platform features surface bumps to massage tired feet. Ergonomic design enhances comfort and relieves muscle fatigue.
Kensington Solesaver Tilt Adjustment Footrest
Black, Footrest,w/Nonskid Surface,21-1/8"x14-3/16"x3-1/2-5"
Footrest keeps legs elevated to improve posture and circulation and helps reduce seating discomfort. Design features three height adjustments, three tilt adjustments and a large nonskid foot surface.
Kensington Solemate Footrest
Gray, Foam Footrest,w/Pedal,Ht. Adjust,21"x14"x3-1/2"to5"
Footrest soothes tired legs and feet. Memory foam pad cradles tired feet to provide maximum comfort. Footrest eliminates foot pressure points and strain when set to your SmartFit personal comfort color. Convenient foot pedal control lets you adjust the footrest without leaving your chair. Height adjusts from 3-1/2" to 5". Angle adjusts up to 30 degrees for individual comfort. Tilt up to 15 degrees in 1-degree increments. Nonskid foot surface eliminates slipping.
Kensington SmartFit Solemate Plus Foot Rest
Black, Foot Rest, SmartFit System, 14"Wx23"Lx5"H
Solemate foot rest keeps you working in better comfort throughout the day by helping you maintain a better, stress-reducing posture while sitting. SmartFit system allows you to dial in your optimal setting with adjustable height and tilt options that you can match to your personal comfort color using the included hand chart. Easy-to-use foot pedal requires just a simple push of your foot to make quick adjustments without having to get out of your chair and interrupt your productivity. Nonskid surface is covered in black rubber to provide extra stability for your feet so you don't need to worry about them slipping.
Fellowes Energizer Foot Support
Blue/Gray, Energizer Foot Support
Footrest is enhanced with an invigorating massage surface with multiple textures that target pressure points. Energizer Foot Support also elevates feet and legs to help relieve lower back pressure. Free-floating rocking motion helps improve circulation. Three platform height settings include 4", 5-1/4" and 6-1/2". The foot support also offers up to a 25-degree tilt.
Fellowes Ultimate Foot Support
Black/Gray, Ultimate Foot Support, 17-3/4"x13-1/4"x4-1/8"
Foot support offers a free-floating platform that allows rocking motion to improve circulation. Three platform height settings include 4", 5-1/2" and 6-1/2" and up to a 25-degree tilt for custom comfort. Surface massage bumps are designed to relieve work-related stress. Ultimate Foot Support also elevates feet and legs to relieve lower back pressure.

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